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What Supplies Do I Need for My New Hydroponics System?

If you have decided to get in on the gardening with hydroponics systems craze, then you are definitely going to need some supplies! There are many different components that go into creating a smooth running, well designed hydroponics setup and garden, so before you begin, you need as much information as you can get in order to make the right decision for you and what you want to grow with your new garden. Supplies for hydroponics systems can be purchased online at any of the many hydroponics store websites out there. Many of your local hardware stores and garden centers will also have the pieces you need, so the stuff will not be difficult for you to track down.

But what exactly do you need to get going? What follows is a quick run down of all of the basic necessities for setting up your own hydroponics system at home.

1.)A hydroponics system of your choice. There are many different types of hydroponics systems out there. You can choose to build your own using any of the readily available hydroponic plans online or in books at the local bookstore, or you can purchase hydroponic kits to put together, or you can purchase a system already built for you. That’s up to you. Systems range from the very simple, like the Wick system, to the high tech, like an Aeroponic system, but not all systems are suited to all types of growing. For example, the Wick system is not best suited for larger plants or plants that use up a lot of nutrients at a rapid pace, because the wick can’t always be guaranteed to deliver enough of the nutrient solution to plants that require more.

2.)A light source of your choice. Plants cannot grow without light, whether you are growing them in the soil or in a hydroponics system. You can use the sun for your light source if you plan to have your system outside, in a greenhouse portable, in a solar room, or near a large window that lets in a lot of sun. Otherwise, you will need good hydroponic lights. Fluorescent lighting is usually suitable for most small home growers, but if you plan to grow a lot of plants or you want to be as efficient and effective as possible, high intensity discharge lights are the way to go. These HID lights are more expensive, but they do work the best, so that is up to you.

3.)Starter cubes. Starter cubes are little boxes of growing material that you will use to get your seeds started and sprouting before you transplant them to the hydroponics system. Peat pots, Organo-Cubes, Oasis Cubes, and Rockwool are popular types of starter cubes. Peat pots are generally not the best choice because they tend to hold a lot of water, and since you must soak the starter cubes before planting the seeds inside, you run the risk of drowning your seedlings if you are not careful.

5.)A nutrient solution. This is what will “feed” your plants. A nutrient solution is basically nothing more than fertilizer mixed into water. The pH balance of your nutrient solution is very important, so you may also want to get pH adjustment solutions to ensure that your plants will be as healthy as possible.

6.)Seeds! These are definitely your own choice here. Whatever you plan to grow in your hydroponics system is up to you, of course. Tomatoes are very popular, as are flowers, like African violets.

Once you get all of your supplies from the hydroponic store or garden center and get everything set up, you will be ready to enjoy the fruits of your labors – after they’ve finished growing, of course!