Create a Basic Closet Grow Room

It is possible to use a closet in your home as something akin to a greenhouse in order to grow plants, either in soil or with a hydroponics system. With a little elbow grease and effort, you can have a great closet grow room right there in your very own home that effectively supports plants and lets them grow and thrive.

Here’s how you do it:

First, select a closet in the home that is big enough to support your hydroponic plans as well as some ventilation and lighting equipment. You can, of course, do it the other way around if you only have one closet you can use, and then select the ventilation and lighting equipment based on the size of the closet instead. It is also a good idea to try to choose a closet that is located near a window.

Once you have chosen your room, then you need to pull everything out of it and clean it thoroughly. Also disinfect it. Make sure it is REALLY clean. At this point, you can get a board cut (an few centimeters or more thick is best) to fit into the bottom of the closet on the floor. The board should be white, and if it is not, you should paint it white.

Now look at the walls of your closet. You are going to want to prep them to make them more efficient for helping your plants grow. Mylar is great to use for this – simply staple it to the walls, covering every available surface. If you can’t find Mylar, then use brilliant white paint or another type of white paint that is highly reflective, but do not use aluminum foil!

Then it is time to think about lighting. Almost any electric light you can find will produce some growth in your plants, but for optimal performance and normal development, you want a light that combines red and blue light. Look for the most powerful lights you can afford. Fluorescent lights is effective and the most readily available type of lighting for the average home grower, but if possible, you should look into getting high intensity discharge light sources. They are expensive, but their efficiency and effectiveness is worth it because your plants will really benefit from them.

Next thing to consider is the positioning of the light source. If you are using high intensity discharge light bulbs, then you need to make sure they are far enough away from your plants so that the plants are not burnt by the amount of heat these lights put out. To test whether or not they are far enough away, put your hand out to where the level of the top of the plants will be and see how hot it is. If it feels even slightly too hot, then move the lights up. It is not a bad idea to make sure the lights are adjustable at all times anyway, because it will leave you able to adjust them up as the plants grow without much hassle.

Ventilation is very important for your plants’ health. Make sure there are fans set up inside the closet to keep the air moving so they do not get too hot. Once you have all of this taken care of, then you can start growing. Put your hydroponics garden in there or put your pots of plants and soil in there and away you go!

Or, you can always make a greenhouse portable.